Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello everyone!!!

November is prostate cancer awareness month and guys all over the world are not shaving there beards to raise money for prostate cancer research. So this month has been dubbed MOVEMBER for those who do not know the MO at the beginning of November is short or slang for mustache. I hope you guys have enjoyed this mini it has been 5 months from start to finish but when i started i didn't know how i wanted to finish it and so it sat and this month seems so fitting to finish it i instantly knew what i wanted to do.

I love this mini and it will be an awesome keepsake for someone to snap photos of them self's or there spouse as they go threw the month of MOVEMBER.

Here is the direct link to my you tube video on this mini stop by and take a peek it turned out so cute!

Huge hugs ashliegh

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